How do marital mediators receive training and education?

As with the training of marital counselors, there is a patchwork of training for mediators. Mediators often receive their training from mediation organizations that offer courses. Most mediators seek advanced training when they can obtain it. Training for marital mediators has begun in the past several years. Generally, marital mediator training is offer to family mediators and divorce mediators. It brings in special issues of concern to married couples, and provides simulations of the problems married couples are addressing to further the mediator’s skills.

The concept of credentialing for mediators is not very well developed. Some statewide or local organizations offer credentials for mediators. Because mediation is so personal, it is sometimes referred to as an “art”. It is based more on the talent, personality, personal background, experience and style of the mediator  and the “fit” with the clients) than on objective qualifications.

Depending on a couple’s preference, they might seek a marital mediator with a mental health professional background, or a marital mediator who is a lawyer, when choosing a marital mediator.

People with other backgrounds can also can be effective marital mediators.