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Helping Marriages through Mediation.

The field of Marital Mediation focuses on improving marriages through mediation as an alternative to divorce. While not all marriages can or should be saved, many couples are happier staying together if they can resolve certain issues. This website supports this growing movement of attorneys, mediators, social workers, and counselors.

Marital Mediation can be used to assist in many different marriage situations. Some people find it helpful for developing communication techniques to strengthen their marriage. In situations where there are children from a previous marriage, marital mediation can help set up financial structures through estate planning. When one spouse owns a business which is causing financial conflicts, either because the business is succeeding or because it’s failing, marital mediation can help both parties work through the tensions of a changing financial outlook. Many marital mediators also assist with drafting postnuptial or postmarital agreements to help resolve financial or legal situations that are causing problems in a marriage.

Marital Mediation Contributing Writers

Laurie IsraelLaurie Israel, Mediator and Attorney

Mediation is short term, practical, and addresses concrete problems and communication difficulties. It is not therapy, and does not delve deeply into family backgrounds or personal issues. It helps spouses negotiate issues that they are unable to handle directly with each other. It gives them tools to use at home when the mediator is not around anymore.  Laurie is one of the leaders in the emerging field of marital mediation, and has given trainings to marital mediators throughout the country.   She has a law and mediation practice in Brookline, Massachusetts, which she founded in 1991.  Laurie writes for www.mediate.com, www.huffingtonpost.com and has a number of articles on marital mediation on her website, www. ivkdlaw.com.


Selena WalcknerSelena Walckner

Selena Walckner is lawyer in the Walckner Law Office, in Lancaster, Massachusetts.  She is a cum laude graduate of  the Massachusetts School of Law. During law school she has earned several academic awards, served as President of the Student Bar Association, and competed nationally on the school’s moot court team. She graduated magna cum laude from Chestnut Hill College with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services. As an intern, she assisted unrepresented litigants in the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court and helped families seeking adoption in Pennsylvania. Selena is married with one stepdaughter and enjoys reading, fishing, and hiking.

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