Elizabeth Weil’s book details marriage improvement efforts


A book, “No Cheating, No Dying: I had a Good Marriage. Then I tried to Make it Better”,  resulted from Elizabeth Weil and her husband, Dan Duane’s work on their marriage, after a full-length article about her seeking for marriage improvement published in The New York Times Magazine on December 6, 2009.  Weil and her husband went the rounds — putting techniques from reading into their marriabe, followed up with a psychoanalytic couples’ therapist, who after two sessions, called her husband “neurotic” and deemed their marriage possibly beyond repair.

Then Weil and Duane signed up for a marriage education class, “Mastering the Mysteries of Love”.  There were exercises in empathy.  For instance, a spouse was  ito tell a childhood story and other the spouse was repeat it, mirroring the feelings the story evoked.  They then proceed to an Imago therapy workshop where they worked on their families of origin issue.   What they experienced was “marriage improvement” fatigue.

It would be nice to know what Elizabeth and Dan’s thoughts of marriage are, now that they are in their second decade.

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