Marriage Education

We read a great interview on NPR about ‘marriage education’.  Here’s an excerpt:

Because we have a horrible I come out of the marriage therapy world and we have a terrible track record. You know, most couples who go to marriage therapists end up divorcing. It’s because it’s a medical model, you know, tell me about your childhood, let me try to diagnose you. And then I’m the doctor and I’m going to fix you your mental disorder, your character disorder. You know, the wife brings the husband in, she’s sure his mother has somehow screwed him up and the therapist should fix him. It’s a different approach.

What we’re seeing now is we’ve got all this research in our research labs and we want to get it to the public. Shows like this help a lot. But we want to put it in classes. Men love the classes. It’s like getting a playbook. Men love playbooks. You know, this is how you do this and this is what’s afoul. And this is, you know, the behaviors that predict success. And this is what to expect along the way.

And we are really excited and optimistic about the results we can get in these classes.

Full story on NPR.

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