When is it important to see a marital therapist, or individual therapist?

Many married couples naturally gravitate towards marital therapy and marital counseling when they are experiencing marital difficulties.  Marital mediation is a very new field, and most married couples do not know it is another route to help them address marital problems.

Depending on the therapist, the style of therapy, and the ability of the couple to make changes, marital therapy or marital counseling can be an excellent way for a couple to work on their marriage.

Many people in marital mediation have, in the past, sought help through marital counseling, or are seeing a counselor or an individual therapist at the same time they are working with a marital mediator. Marriage is the most important personal and financial relationship you will have. It is important to use every resource available to preserve and improve it.

If there are problems such as mental illness, substance abuse, physical abuse, and personality disorders, individual therapeutic methods are important, and marital therapy with a mental health professional might be preferable to marital mediation as the primary way to work on a marriage.

Some married couples wish to keep their work on their marriage on a very practical level, and do not want to delve into personal or family history.  For these people, marital mediation might be a good method to try to resolve their marital difficulties