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How to Mediate a Prenuptial Agreement

by Laurie Israel  Any lawyer who has dealt with prenuptial agreements knows what a stressful and upsetting task it can be for the client. Usually, only one party wants one.  The other less-moneyed party does not, and that party is … Continue reading

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Where Does Marital Mediation Fit In?

As published in the Futures Project of on March 2, 2015.  Abstract: Mediation has been categorized into three types:  facilitative, evaluative and transformative.  In this article, Laurie Israel discusses which category marital mediation falls into.  She concludes that it has … Continue reading

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Is Mediating Prenups a form of Marital Mediation?

My mediation practice during the past several years has taken a turn towards mediating prenuptial agreements.  Here’s how it happened: At times being the “other” attorney reviewing the agreement sent by the lawyer of the more moneyed spouse-to-be, I noticed … Continue reading

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Use of Marital Waivers in Marital Mediation

ddddddd As published in The Huffington Post, April, 2014. All married people struggle with disputes that arise in a long-term committed relationship. What to do about the predictable and ever-repeating disagreements and mutual criticisms that come up from time to … Continue reading

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Susan Boardman’s Article on Marital Mediation published in Conflict Resolution Quarterly

Susan K. Boardman, a family mediator based in Connecticut, has been working in the marital mediation field for many years, as a practitioner, teacher, and writer. Her seminal article on marital mediation has appeared in the recent issue of Conflict … Continue reading

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