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A Look at Betrayals

Anna Fels, is New York psychiatrist and faculty member at Weill Cornell Medical School, writes about how betrayals affect the betrayed and the betrayed.  In her practice, she addresses many types of betrayals — alcohol, infidelity, spending.  The commonality is they … Continue reading

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Infidelity: An Opportunity for Marital Truthfulness

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Infidelity in marriage — what does “Hedonic Adaptation” have to do with it?

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What Makes Marriage Work

Faithfulness is the most important factor in a successful marriage, according to a recent survey by Pew Research Center. Participants were asked to rank nine items associated with a successful marriage as either “very important,” “important,” or “not very important.” … Continue reading

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A story of infidelity, divorce mediation, then reconciliation

There is a touching story in Salon about an infidelity overcome through the persistence of both husband and wife. Written five years after the affair, it shows that not every affair necessarily ends in divorce. When Robert told me about … Continue reading

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