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Susan Boardman’s Article on Marital Mediation published in Conflict Resolution Quarterly

Susan K. Boardman, a family mediator based in Connecticut, has been working in the marital mediation field for many years, as a practitioner, teacher, and writer. Her seminal article on marital mediation has appeared in the recent issue of Conflict … Continue reading

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A Look at Betrayals

Anna Fels, is New York psychiatrist and faculty member at Weill Cornell Medical School, writes about how betrayals affect the betrayed and the betrayed.  In her practice, she addresses many types of betrayals — alcohol, infidelity, spending.  The commonality is they … Continue reading

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Seven Principles for Keeping Marriage Strong

This poster was in Yes Magazine, and is from John and Julie Gottman, of the Gottman institute. Yes Magazine is an online publication with a section on “happiness”. 

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Marital mediator in “Room for Debate” in New York Times

Laurie Israel, one of the active practitioners of marital mediation (and co-founder of this website) was one of the six debaters asked to participate in the New York Times “Room for Debate” column, which was published in the New York … Continue reading

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What’s the “Parental Divorce Reduction Act”?

We just heard about this proposed act.  It was formulated by a team of experts.  The Parental Divorce Reduction Act requires parents with minor children to attend marriage education classes, and to take an eight month “time out” to consider … Continue reading

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The Great Banana Wars: Marital Conflict, Communication, and Dispute Resolution

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How to have a happy marriage

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Choosing a Mediator or an Attorney

My Mediator is Not an Attorney? Is That a Problem/Martin Rosenfeld I once participated in a study which involved mediators who were attorneys and mediators who were non-attorneys. The study concluded that the mediator-attorneys tended to view the issue at … Continue reading

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Should marriage contracts be renewable?

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Postnuptial Agreements bad for public policy? The Connecticut Supreme Court said “No” in Bedrick v. Bedrick

Throughout the country, states are grappling with the question of whether postnuptial agreements are valid and enforceable contracts. Until recently, state courts were not willing to uphold postnuptial agreements, believing they offended public policy. The agreements were originally thought to … Continue reading

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Marriage Education

We read a great interview on NPR about ‘marriage education’.  Here’s an excerpt: Because we have a horrible I come out of the marriage therapy world and we have a terrible track record. You know, most couples who go to … Continue reading

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Marital Mediation Explained

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Marital Mediation and Communication

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Divorce Rates according to the Wall Street Journal and CDC

It seems like Divorce Rates and Postnuptial Agreements are the most popular topics we’ve published. So here’s a rundown on recent divorce statistics. Divorce Rate from the US Census Bureau: Divorce Rate from Center for Disease Control (CDC): There’s also … Continue reading

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Batting Zero: Did the McCourt Postnup Destroy Their Marriage?

Below is a guest post by Laurie Israel on the McCourt postnuptial agreement. A shorter version of this article was published on HuffingtonPost. Last weekend, I waded through the 100-page California Los Angeles Superior Court opinion on the Frank and … Continue reading

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A Divorce Attorney Can Rush You Into Divorce

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An Interview with author Deborah Moskovitch of The Smart Divorce

This week we’re announcing a new interview series with Deborah Moskovitch, the creator and facilitator of The Smart Divorce. Based on her personal experience with divorce and insights gathered from leading divorce gurus, Deborah has become a leading divorce and … Continue reading

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Save your marriage or leave it

In this exclusive interview, Deborah Moskovitch discusses knowing when to leave a marriage or try to save it: “You need to do everything you can to put your marriage back on track, so that if you do decide to divorce, … Continue reading

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Key points in postnuptial or marital agreements

Here are some standards from the American Law Institute (ALI) about ‘marital’ (i.e., postnuptial) agreements: A marital agreement is presumed that it was not made under duress if parties were advised to obtain independent legal counsel, and had reasonable opportunity … Continue reading

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Breaking Marriage Trust Comes in Many Forms

Trust is a key ingredient in healthy relationships. Most people would agree that dating someone else is breaking trust and jeopardizing the existence of the marital relationship. Breaking the bonds of financial trust can be equally damaging to a relationship. … Continue reading

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