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What Makes Marriage Work

Faithfulness is the most important factor in a successful marriage, according to a recent survey by Pew Research Center. Participants were asked to rank nine items associated with a successful marriage as either “very important,” “important,” or “not very important.” … Continue reading

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Long-term Effects of Conflict on Children

Today’s parents are embracing the mindset of “staying together for the kids” out of a desire to protect their children from the pain of divorce. But parents must also protect their children by preventing conflict. Parental conflict, regardless of divorce, can have … Continue reading

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Yours, Mine, and Marital Mediation

It is estimated that 65% of people who remarry have a child from a prior relationship. In reality, the percentage could be higher because there are no accurate statistics about the number of stepfamilies (when at least one spouse has … Continue reading

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The Changing View of Fatherhood

The Center for Work and Family at Boston College researched the changing view on fatherhood through a series of in-depth interviews. The results of the study show that increasing numbers of men define the role of father as someone who … Continue reading

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Latest Marriage News

 9-11-2011 to 9-17-2011   The latest marriage news: The U.S. ranks in at #5, but can you guess which country has the highest international divorce rate? Marriage isn’t outdated. Young Americans think marriage is an important life goal. Michigan postnuptial … Continue reading

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Different Types of Postnuptial Agreements Equal Different Results in Michigan

Michigan law divides postnuptial agreements into three categories. The requirements and enforceability of a postnuptial agreement depends upon its classification. First, postnuptial agreements that are entered by spouses who have separated will be upheld as settlement agreements. Second, postnuptial agreements … Continue reading

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Tips for Handling Marital Disagreements

Our responses to this week’s marriage chat hosted by How should spouses address disagreements? Spouses need to give each other the time and space to be heard and to process what the other is saying. This can’t happen when … Continue reading

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Powerful Non-Defensive Communication: A New Way to Communicate

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Postnuptial Agreements are for Parents, Not Children

Parents naturally want to do all they can to take care of their children. Sometimes this instinct leads to spouses trying to create contracts about how they will raise their children if they ever divorce. The hope is the family … Continue reading

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Quick Advice for Dealing with Difficult In-Laws

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