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Why Hiring Two Lawyers Produces Better Postnuptial Agreements

Yes, spouses really should hire two lawyers when they enter a postnuptial agreement. This is true even when both spouses want to enter the agreement and when they agree on all terms. For purposes of the postnuptial agreement, the spouses … Continue reading

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Demystifying Divorce Statistics

Statistics say that half of all marriages will fail. Is it really a 50-50 chance that if you choose to marry, you will also choose to divorce? Possibly not. Your personal risk of divorce might be lower than you realize. … Continue reading

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The Reality of Marital Agreements

Although more couples are entering marital agreements in today’s society, there are still a lot of myths surrounding prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. The misconceptions involve all areas, such as the purpose of a marital agreement, who should sign one, and … Continue reading

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In re Marriage of Burkle: California’s Presumption of Undue Influence

California provides for postnuptial agreements by a statute, section 721 of the California Family Code. The statute explains that spouses have a special relationship with each other that “imposes a duty of the highest good faith and fair dealing.” It … Continue reading

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