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A story of infidelity, divorce mediation, then reconciliation

There is a touching story in Salon about an infidelity overcome through the persistence of both husband and wife. Written five years after the affair, it shows that not every affair necessarily ends in divorce. When Robert told me about … Continue reading

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Marital Mediation in Texas

Our guest post today is by Michael Hiller, a Houston attorney and mediator, who writes about some unique aspects of marital mediation in Texas. Marital Mediation is a relatively new way to help couples stay married. It is not designed … Continue reading

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Exclusive Rebecca Davis interview on

Noted author Rebecca Davis sat down for a talk with MaritalMediation recently. Rebecca’s book More Perfect Unions has been getting great reviews for its unique perspective on how the institution of marriage developed. You can read her rave reviews in … Continue reading

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Criteria for writing a postnuptial agreement – More on Ansin v. Craven

This week brings more coverage of the Ansin decision in the Business West journal. We’ve been running many stories on the Ansin v. Craven decision, including William Levine’s postnuptial legal overview and other articles related to marital and postmarital agreements. … Continue reading

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An Asperger’s Marriage

Marriage can be a struggle for any of us, but if your husband has Asperger’s it brings a whole set of challenges of its own. David Finch talks about the process he and his wife went through which ultimately was … Continue reading

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If your husband contributes less financially, you are more likely to get divorced

A report published by the Journal of Family Issues claims that in marriages where the wife earns 60% or more of the family’s income, the marriage is far more likely to end in divorce. We only can speculate on the … Continue reading

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Does our society really need divorce insurance?

A new insurance product called WedLock is the brainchild of entrepreneur John Logan. According to Logan, “People can say that all they want but the truth is the odds of divorce are higher than most of the other things we … Continue reading

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Communication between couples in marriage

Today there’s an essay by James Sheridan in the News Sentinal about how important body language is for communication between spouses.  It’s very difficult to intentionally modify subconcious traits like body language, but it can make a huge difference in … Continue reading

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Helping save a marriage through Mediation to Stay Married

This is an edited excerpt by Vicki Shemin in the MCFM quarterly. It is the true story of a couple that considered divorce, but decided to stay together after drafting a postmarital agreement regarding the parenting of their young son. … Continue reading

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