When infidelity happens to a marriage

When infidelity occurs in a marriage, it’s usually time for some tough decisions. If both partners want to save the marriage, the process of rebuilding the relationship can often be helped through marital mediation or marriage counseling.

Here’s what Arlene Foreman, renowned couples counselor, had to say about relationships coping with infidelity, as quoted in the Marriage Counseling Blog.

Couples can recover from infidelity if they are willing to work on their relationship, despite the anger and hurt that they feel now. First, they need to recognize that they have unresolved issues, as well as the infidelity itself. With help, they can move past the pain and the blame and start working on the issues that led up to the infidelity.

She further states:

Infidelity may be an indicator of larger problems in the relationship that need to be addressed. Couples can recover from infidelity if they are willing to work on their relationship. With professional help, they can often move past the pain, acquire valuable new skills, and begin again

The average couple waits seven years from the time their marriage begins to unravel until they seek counseling. What finally drives them to take that step is frustration and pain. The #1 cause of divorce in this country is that couples slowly, insidiously drift apart. Marriage almost always begins with love, excitement, and an intention to grow old together. But the sweetest dreams can float away in a sea of hurts, disappointments and unresolved conflicts.

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