Marriage and sleeping arrangements

A report from the Sleep Foundation raises the question: What is a normal amount of time to spend with your spouse?

Researchers say married couples are spending less and less time together. The National Sleep Foundation reports in 2005, one in four married couples slept in separate bedrooms. Many partners no long eat together, and now many couples aren’t even sleeping together. ¬†Experts say that’s a big problem.

Psychologist Dr. Steward Beasley says it can be a very serious problem for couples when they choose not to sleep together. Beasley provides marriage counseling and says sleeping separately can lead to divorce.

“You go to sleep where you are sharing,” he says. “It is an important part of a marriage.”

Beasley says sex is important, too. And it’s difficult to do in a marriage that puts a priority on a good night’s rest, instead of the relationship.

“Sex is, of course, sex,” he explains. “But it is also an important means of communication between couples. And the old idea of love-making truly is communicating how much you love someone.”

From the FoxTwinCities.

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