How To Save Your Marriage From An Affair: Seven Steps To Rebuilding A Broken Trust by Ronnie Edell

how-to-save-your-marriageA guide by the author of The Sexually Satisfied Woman explains why affairs happen, offers preventative advice, and presents a seven-step “reconstructive” program for couples who are willing to recommit to one another.

Dr. Edell holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Human Behavior, Specialization in Counseling, and has been a counseling specialist and business consultant in private practice for many years, conducting groups, workshops, lectures, and seminars, in addition to individual sessions.

He has appeared many times on all the major national syndicated television and radio talk shows, including OPRAH, DONAHUE, MAURY, LEEZA, and others. Dr. Edell is the author of two best-selling books on relationship issues: How to Save Your Marriage from an Affair: Seven Steps to Rebuilding a Broken Trust, and The Sexually Satisfied Woman: The 5-Step Program for Getting Everything You Want in Bed.

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